Rental Agreement

The standard Vision Motors Rental (VMRA) is to be used each time a vehicle leaves our premises except for road registration and repairs. No vehicle departs without a properly executed document. 

VMRA is issued in pre-printed format with terms and conditions at the back of the document. A soft copy of the first page template is provided on computer screen where all relevant details are to be entered and sent for printing on the pre-printed forms. 

The VMRA is supposed to be sequentially numbered therefore Rental sales agent needs to copy every template to new Excel tab and number the agreement on sequential numbering basis. 

Vehicle delivery sheet needs to be completed for all rental transactions during check-out and check-in process.

If a client wants to extend the hire, a new VMRA must be issued with reference made to previous agreement and vice versa. The new set of documents must be clearly signed off by the client.

Terms and conditions are strictly as per the standard agreement and without any waivers unless written authority is issued from the undersigned. 

The VMRA is the single document that is supposed to capture all necessary information regarding the rental transaction and no other document is to be used as a substitute.

In some specific cases we may consider to offer a discounted price. In such cases, authorised copies of discount


The Hirer is required to pay a bond of $500 for all Rental Vehicles at the start of the hire. Which will be refunded once the Rental Vehicle is returned in its original condition and other terms of Rental are not breached. Bond refund may take up to 3 days which needs to be explained to customer in advance.

The Bond payment can be either in the form of Cash, Bank Cheque, Credit Card, Company Cheque (only from established firms) or a Company Purchase Order (only from well established firm and such order must be legitimate and correctly authorised).